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Training to be a Spiritual Warrior
Counsellor and Investigator

I am convinced that we must begin again to understand, as it was known in times past, that we are at war, a spiritual war, and thus we must act like it is war. We must act like soldiers in God's army and fulfill our calling as apostles of the latter times.
—Bro. Ignatius Mary, OFD, OMSM(r)+, Founder

Our training of new Deliverance Counselors is now conducted by our sister association, a new school especially setup for this kind training, St. Michael Academy for Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Counseling, Center for Advanced Spiritual Studies, Oblates and Missioners of St. Michael.

Training to be a deliverance counselor is rigorous and not everyone can complete it successfully. Our students are highly trained in theology, angelology/demonology, psychology, critical thinking, investigative techniques, interviewing skills, clinical issues, and all aspects of what is necessary to perform deliverance counseling in a professional and successful manner. Students undergo approximately three years of academic, practicum, and clinical training, including a one year intership. Upon graduation, the new deliverance counselor is required to attend a three year residency.

For a Brochure of the Deliverance School, including eligibility, expectations, and a link to an application for admission, go to:

St. Michael Academy
for Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Counseling