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How We May Help You!

The St. Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling offers five resources for those who are seeking assistance with issues of demonization and the paranormal in its various forms:

Index of Services

  1. Spiritual Warfare Question and Answer Forum is a public forum where people can ask questions about spiritual warfare.

  2. Self-Help information and resources (providing a kind of "First Aid" manual).

  3. One-Time Personal Consultation is not full deliverance counseling, but, as the name implies,a one-time phone consultation to seek advice, guidance, and brief deliverance prayer about spiritual warfare issues from our counselors. In some cases a second phone consultation may be granted.

  4. Haunted House Investigations: Our branch office in Cincinnati, the Ohio Spiritual Warfare Center, is available for consultations and investigations concerning demonic infestation or haunting in your home in the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky or Southeast Indian area.

  5. Deliverance Counseling provides deliverance counseling with a trained Counsellors. Deliverance Counseling is available when the help a person needs goes beyond that which can be obtained through normal devotional practices or through specific self-help spiritual warfare techniques and advice.

NOTICE: The Help Request for Full Deliverance Counseling is TEMPORARILY CLOSED for New Clients.

Spiritual Warfare Question and Answer Form

Almost any question about spiritual warfare can be found in our Q&A Forum. If all you need is a question answered, this is the place to ask it.

To ask a question go to our

Spiritual Warfare Q&A Forum

Self Help First Aid

An old preacher one time remarked, “The best way to keep the devil out is to keep Jesus in.” That preacher was echoing the solid advice of Scripture:

So humble yourselves before God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you. Draw close to God, and God will draw close to you. —James 4:7, 8

The best single advice one can give to avoid spiritual problems or to heal from spiritual problems already in our lives, is the same advice of the Saints over the centuries — live a holy life.

God has given us His Church to help us live a life that is pleasing to Him and that glorified Him. Frequent reception of the Sacraments and living a good devotional life are the primary ways to maintain our spiritual health.

We know, however, that because of Free Will, in ourselves and in others, that sometimes we find ourselves in bondage and spiritual trouble. There may even be times that God will allow the enemy to bother us even though we have not invited evil into our lives in any way and others have not brought evil to us. We read about such a case in the person of Job. God does not allow such things without a purpose. We know and trust in the promise of God recorded by St. Paul in his letter to the Romans:

We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose. —Romans 8:28

The challenge for each of us is to live a good and holy life as best as we can. When problems arise we need to deal with them by drawing closer to God.

The first step, therefore, is a self-help one. The information provided in this section will help you to help yourself to deal with spiritual and demonological issues that may be in your life.

If the problems you face are too tough and these self-help methods do not seem to be effective over time, do not take it as a failure. Remember God loves you and He has provided a family for you. Families take care of each other.

There are times when the spiritual problems that face us are too difficult for us to handle on our own. This is the time to contact a ministry like ours. Our Support Counsellors are trained to help people with precisely these kinds of problems.

Methods of Self-Help

FIRST STEP: Review the material below and follow the advice. Hopefully these self-help techniques will be effective. If they are not, then contact us through the Personal Consultation link below.

May God richly bless you.

bullet Ten Thousand Angels
This is a profound song of healing and mercy that may help you to deal with the trials you are experiencing. The song was written and is sung by Lynn Cooper on her album On His Wings. This is a song of hope written for a friend's daughter, who had been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (the #1 genetic killer of our children today). Lynn wanted a song of healing and mercy ... after praying to the Lord, this is what was given. This is a song that all those in pain and suffering need to hear and take within their hearts.
Ten Thousand Angels
(have tissues handy, and may you be blessed and healed
bullet Seven Steps to Self-Deliverance
Learn how you can deliver yourself from demonization
bullet Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog
A collection of Prayers Useful in combating evil in our lives and seeking deliverance
bullet Patron Saints for Those with Spiritual Afflictions
These are the Saints to ask for intercession and help with spiritual warfare problems
bullet Violent Hauntings
Special considerations to review when experiencing violent hauntings
bullet Non-violent Hauntings
Special considerations to review when experiencing non-violent hauntings
bullet Devotion to Divine Mercy as a Means of Deliverance
Seeking the Intercession of the Blessed Mother

*** One-Time Consultation Appointments ***

One-Time Consultations are not "formal Deliverance Counseling." If detailed and intense counseling is needed, which takes a minimum of three months or more to complete, a separate Help Request is required.

Formal Deliverance Counseling is on a first-come-first-serve basis and has limited availability as to how many client we can accept at one time. Formal Deliverance Counseling from Bro. Ignatius must be requested only between September 15th to April 15th.

For a one-time consultation appointment go to our

One-time Appointment Calendar


*** Deliverance Counseling ***

If you need further assistance to deal with spiritual warfare or demonological issues, please submit a request for help at the link below. One of our Support Counsellors will contact you.

NOTE: At this time we do not have a bi-lingual or multi-lingual ability. Thus we are sorry for the inconvenience but to receive assistance from our agency you must be able to speak, read, and write English fluently and distinctly.


NOTICE: The Help Request is TEMPORARIOLY CLOSED for New Clients.

Deliverance Counseling Help Request Application

Formal Deliverance Counseling is on a first-come-first-serve basis and has limited availability as to how many client we can accept at one time. Formal Deliverance Counseling from Bro. Ignatius must be requested only between September 15th to April 15th.

We require that all potential clients practice the Seven Steps to Self-Deliverance for at least two months before asking us for counseling services. Then, if more help is needed, we will accept new clients on a first-come, first serve basis.